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REEEjuvenate: Affirmations

REEEjuvenate is an opportunity to hear about some of the ways our siblings are caring for themselves. With this new time of isolation and virtual interactions, it’s extremely important to try and keep your mind and body intact. REEEjuvenate provides suggestions for ways to unwind, practice self-care, and maintain good mental health while working through this unique time.

This week's tip is to focus on positive affirmations. When you first wake up, leave your phone alone until you have said at least three positive affirmations. Then you can go on to stretch and continue on with the rest of your day. Affirmations are an opportunity to gain confidence, get motivated and change negative thought patterns into positive ones. For example try sitting in solitude with your thoughts without distractions such as your cell phone or computer to avoid a cluttered start to your day. As said by one of our siblings Kaylah Dilligard from the End Game Class, “Limiting phone usage in the morning changes your perspective and helps you focus on your sense of self.” Try ensuring that you start your morning off with clear intentions to set the tone for a constructive day. Here is a video to help guide you to alignment, peace, and mindfulness.

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