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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I join?

Answer: Revolt accepts new members once a year, usually during the Fall semester. Make sure you follow our social media accounts (@revolthu) to see when we drop applications!

2. What is Revolt?

Answer: Revolt is a community service organization founded at Howard University that focuses on enriching the community, empowering people from all walks of life, and educating youth, as well as our peers.

3. How does Revolt enrich the community?

Answer: Enrichment means giving back to the community that houses our University. It means building bridges between both the Howard and Washington DC community to help students appreciate and respect the surrounding culture and space through community service.

4. What does empowerment mean?

Answer: Empowerment means uplifting and creating safe spaces for others who are underrepresented so that their voices may be heard.  

5. How does Revolt Educate?

Answer: Revolt educates the youth in Washington, DC by visiting local high schools to tutor and mentor students. We also host a range of educational events and make several educational posts about various topics/communities to reach more people where they are at. 


6. Does Revolt do other things besides community service?

Answer: Yes! Even though community involvement is very important to our organization, we also engage in other activities such as game nights, spoken word events, random outings in the city, and so much more. 

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