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Revolt, Incorporated


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Revolt, Incorporated is a 501c3 (non-profit) community service organization that accepts all feminine-aligned people, regardless of their race, religion, or sexual orientation. As a community service organization above all else, our purpose is to identify areas of need in our community and do all we can to create a positive impact - whether that be mentorship and scholarship assistance for DC youth and HU students, food and supply drives for the houseless community across the DMV, or creating educational content on topics affecting our communities like gentrification, biphobia, and mental health among many others. While we exist to serve our community we also believe that an essential aspect of being a service organization with a Black focus means we must also be an organization of activists. For this reason we have also participated in change-making initiatives at HU and beyond through our unwavering support of the Blackburn protesters and our own initiatives to improve HU like our campaign to reform HUDPS in the Summer of 2020. Through our shared goal to educate, empower, and enrich our community, Revolt, Inc. members have cultivated a siblinghood/family of like-minded and like-hearted people who benefit as much from our organization as the people we help. 


Why Revolt?

As a group of Black femme-identifying people, our mere existence within this white patriarchal society is a revolutionary act. We take pride in this fact while also acknowledging the sad truth that it is necessary for us to revolt. We must revolt because if we are to sit down and be content with the system given to us we will continue to be manipulated, abused, and taken advantage of. Revolt, Incorporated pushes against these systems because we belive that everyone should be able to live prosperous and full lives without any aspects of their identity holding them back. So, to answer your question, why not?

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